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  Many of us spend the entire workweek looking forward to the weekend, but when Saturday and Sunday actually roll around, we're not necessarily making the most of those precious 48 hours off.


  The way we spend our weekends -- the two days of the week theoretically devoted to rest -- is often counterproductive. While the week's end should be about doing things you love and refueling for the week ahead, all too often our workplace anxieties trickle over from Friday to Saturday, adding stress to what should be a relaxing time. And even if you're not taking work home with you, you may be unwittingly sabotaging your weekend with bad habits that can negatively affect your sleep patterns, weight loss efforts, and stress levels.


  Click through for six common mistakes below that can sabotage your time off -- and how to avoid them, making this Monday morning your best ever.


  Sleeping In Too Late


  Weekend social schedules can demand a totally different bedtime routine compared to the rest of the week. Staying up until late at night and then sleeping in the next许昌市看羊羔疯好的专科医院 day could leave you feeling more tired and make it harder to get back onto a normal sleep schedule for the entire week.


  There's an (unofficial) name for this phenomenon, which is "social jet lag." Till Roenneberg, Ph.D., a professor at the University of Munich's Institute of Medical Psychology, describes the phenomenon as, "the discrepancy between what our body clock wants us to do and what our social clock wants us to do ... It almost looks as if people on a Friday evening fly from Paris to New York, and on Monday morning they fly back again.

  这个现象也有个不太正式的名字“社交时差”,慕尼黑大学医学心理学学院教授Till Roenneberg把这个现象形容为:“我们体内生物钟要我们做的,和社会生物钟需要我们做的中间之间存在差异,就好像大家周五晚上从巴黎飞往纽约,然后周一早上再飞回来。”

  To get more out of your weekend days and avoid sleeping troubles come Sunday night, try to organize your schedule so that you can go to sleep and wake up within an hour of the time you would during the week.




  The weekend typically comes with more opportunities for eating out, enjoying a few drinks or indulging in dessert than the weekdays, and your diet may suffer as a result. Taking the weekends "off" from a healthy diet may sabotage weight loss efforts and result in excess calorie intake.


  One Washington University study, published 哈尔滨治疗癫痫那家好in the journal Obesity in 2008, found that dieters who maintained a strict routine of restricting calories and exercising during the week tended to eat more on the weekends, thereby slowing their weight loss.


  Staying Plugged In


  Being constantly plugged in can have a number of negative health impacts, from decreased focus and productivity to trouble sleeping and higher stress levels.


  Taking the time to unplug and recharge can help to keep stress levels in check and maximize your weekend relaxation. Writer and filmmaker Tiffany Shlain tells the Harvard Business Review that her family takes "tech shabbats" once a week in which they don't use any digital devices. Try going tech-free for one day, afternoon, or even just an hour of the weekend while enjoying an outdoor activity or time with loved ones.

  花点时间放下电子设备吧,这样才能有效缓解压力,让你得以在周末享受最大的放松。作家兼导演 Tiffany Shlain对《哈佛商业评论》表示,每周她的家庭都会进行一次“电子设备安息日”,大家都不用任何电子设备。在周末丢掉科技设备过上一天,或一个下午,甚至是一个小时,和爱的人一起参加户外活动,或享受户外时光吧。

  Catching Up On Work


  According to Laura Vanderkam, author of "What the Most Successful People Do on the Weekend," high performance also involves managing downtime properly so that you're able to recharge your batteries as much as possible. Before you settle in to your home office to spend Saturday afternoon catching up o朔州羊癫疯要治疗多久n emails, consider that prioritizing time to relax can actually make you more productive. Take a cue from Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Joanna Coles, who makes weekend relaxation a must.

  用《成功人士周末都干什么》的作者Laura Vanderkam 的话来说,高效率的表现也需要合理的安排休息,这样才能把自己的“电池” 尽可能再充满。周六下午想回家办公处理那些邮件之前,你要知道先放松一下才能让自己更加有效率。跟《大都会》杂志主编Joanna Coles 的学学吧,在她眼里,周末必须放松。

  “I never do any work on a Sunday, unless there’s a crisis," Coles told the New York Times last year. "Saturday and Sunday are my days for restocking my brain, and I find if I don’t do that and I work Saturday and Sunday, I get tired. I like having Saturday and Sunday as a punctuation mark at the end of the week.”


  Running Errands & Doing Chores


  Instead of planning to power through your long to-do list on Saturday and Sunday, try spending 30 minutes each evening doing laundry, grocery shopping or cleaning during the week so that you can free up your weekend for more enjoyable, calming activities. Spending the majority of your weekend running errands and doing housework likely won't leave you feeling rested and refreshed come Monday morning.


  "Consider doing your chores during the workweek," Vanderkam recently wrote on HuffPost OWN. "The chores will take less time because you h下眼皮跳是癫痫病症状吗ave less time."


  Stressing On Sunday


  "Sunday Blues" can be difficult to avoid when you know you have a hectic workweek ahead of you, but you can avoid wasting all of Sunday anticipating the stresses of the coming week.


  More than a quarter of employees feel dread and anxiety the day before returning to work after a day or weekend off, according to a UK mental health report featured in the Guardian. When you start feeling the Sunday blues coming on, Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D., tells Psychology Today that she recommends getting active and spending time with people you love.

  根据英国《卫报》上发表的一份香港香港精神健康报告显示,至少四分之一的员工会在回归工作的前一天感到疲乏和焦虑。如果你觉得周末焦虑来了,Stephanie Sarkis博士对《每日心理》表示她建议不妨多花点时间和你爱的人在一起吧。








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